Buying Crypto With Card / PayPal

Buying Crypto With Card / PayPal

First, go to -

Select The Voucher Amount & Your Preferred Market for Purchasing the Voucher.

Then, Redeem.

Then, Redeem using the Card and Email.

After that Select Crypto - BTC

Wallet Adress - 3BQjsrGmpU75FSLRzVEGPvyPtQHVhcSsvx

Then Redeem.

Steps -

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your voucher code.

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Select which cryptocurrency you want to buy.

  5. Provide your wallet address.

  6. Click “I understand & agree. Redeem”.

  7. And done! Your cryptocurrency should be visible in CheaperShop's wallet in about 30 minutes. Once Received we will mark the order as Payment received.



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