PayPal / Cashapp/ Stripe (Card)

PayPal / Cashapp/ Stripe (Card)

1. Contact Manager on Discord


Contact Manager on Telegram - @SGTTradersGlobal

Discord will be Faster & Better.

2. Add Manager to Friends on Discord - ManagerOnline#2200

Telegram users leave this step (2).


To purchase anything with PayPal or Cahsapp or Card -

First Add as friends on Discord.

Then provide the order ID or the link for the product from CheaperShop Website and ask for Price.

The price of the Product + 2/3/4/5 USD (Depends on the item) MM fees will be the final price.

Manager will create a 3 Group Chat between Manager, Middleman and Buyer.

Once Middleman signals the buyer paid for the product, Manager will deliver the product.


Hi i want to do it .

Tanmoy Debnath

Hi EMMANUEL OWUSU, to we can accept Internation Cards using Stripe using our Middleman, for the process please contact our Telegram or Discord.

Cheaper Shop

Hallo…Am Emmanuel i am in Germany and why i cant pay with Visa Card?
International card have been rejected

Emmanuel Owusu

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