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Escape From Tarkov (New Account) (Full Access) (Read Description)

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Rs. 1,745.00
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Rs. 2,699.00
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Rs. 1,745.00

Buy Escape From Tarkov Account for the lowest Price from Cheapershop.


There are so many reasons to buy from us. You can't find it cheaper than us.

Why so cheap? To clarify, we don't let 3rd parties sell on us.
That's why we are selling so cheap. But above all, we only sell legit items.

~Details About The Product~

#Do not buy if you have been banned before (HWID Bans by EFT) / Uses Cheats / Mods / Bots. All accounts are brand new; no one ever logged into them before the Buyer.

Any claims for Bans I will not accept.

Even works on Moon

Game Purchase Country will be mine, but buyers can play from ANY SERVER. So I will not accept claims for that.

# First-time login with my country IP using VPN, then don't need VPN if you do not Log Out.
You can play from your country/your server/everything the same as the international edition.

It's 45% cheaper than the Official Price.

A Very Helpful Guide & Video will be provided to the Buyer, so anyone can setup.
If you have an issue while activating on your PC, I can do it via Team Viewer.
By buying this, you will get a 100% working account with Escape From Tarkov.

You will be the first owner of this account! The account will be created for YOU when you order the game.

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