PayPal / Cashapp/ Stripe (Card)

PayPal / Cashapp/ Stripe (Card)

1. Contact Manager on Discord


Contact Manager on Telegram - @SGTTradersGlobal

Discord will be Faster & Better.

2. Add Manager to Friends on Discord - ManagerOnline#2200

Telegram users leave this step (2).


To purchase anything with PayPal or Cahsapp or Card -

First Add as friends on Discord.

Then provide the order ID or the link for the product from CheaperShop Website and ask for Price.

The price of the Product + 2/3/4/5 USD (Depends on the item) MM fees will be the final price.

Manager will create a 3 Group Chat between Manager, Middleman and Buyer.

Once Middleman signals the buyer paid for the product, Manager will deliver the product.


Hi EMMANUEL OWUSU, to we can accept Internation Cards using Stripe using our Middleman, for the process please contact our Telegram or Discord.

Cheaper Shop

Hallo…Am Emmanuel i am in Germany and why i cant pay with Visa Card?
International card have been rejected

Emmanuel Owusu

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