Forza 15-30 Mins Crash Guide

1. Download - Fix File
2. Copy to your desktop and run the fix file
3. Start the game
4. Wait for the game to load
5. Press Numpad+ on the keyboard (Pressing this key kills the process explorer.exe)
6. Play.

*If you need to return the PC to its normal state press the keyboard Numpad- (Pressing this key returns the PC to its normal state).

In addition to everything above, try playing in window mode (to switch to window mode, press the left Alt + Enter in the game)

There is another solution to this problem, is to install assemblies Insider Preview.

- Go to start and in the search type Check for updates;
- In the Updates and security window, you find the item pre-evaluation Program — open it;
- Select an item To build Insider Preview — download updates and activate them.