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BIOMUTANT (Purchase on Your Account) [Safe & Legit]

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Rs. 2,400.00
Normaler Preis
Rs. 2,400.00

Buy BIOMUTANT Steam Account for the lowest Price from Cheapershop.

There are so many reasons to buy from us. You can't find it cheaper than us.
Why so cheap? To clarify, we don't let 3rd parties sell on us.
That's why we are selling so cheap. But above all, we only sell legit items.

About the Product

- Instructions -

By purchasing this you will be able to get Biomutant on your Main account. You don't need any separate account.
We will purchase the Game Directly on your Main account.
It's 100% safe and legit way.
We are not using any illegal way to add Games to your account.
You can check our reputation for confirmation.

Note - Your account country will be changed to our location. But it will not affect your gameplay.
However, you can change the country to yours after 2-3 weeks as of Steam New Policy.

After Payment, you need to provide us with your Steam Login. (ID : Pass)
If Guard off it will be faster, or if not you need to provide us with the Auth Code from Steam to login inside your account.
To make this process faster you can contact our Telegram or Discord for a faster process.

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