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State of Decay 2 Ultimate Edition + Multiplayer Available [Windows 10 Only]

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Rs. 300.00
Normaler Preis
Rs. 300.00

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State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition includes the original Xbox State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition on console, and three add-on content packs*: Independence Pack, Daybreak Pack and Doomsday Pack.

To know more about this game check from Official Store - Store

~Details About The Product~

• You can active the game by yourself!
• You can only use in 1 PC, You can't share the account with others.

• Multiplayer available *, automatic updates, as well as saving and achievements on your personal account.
• When you reinstall Windows, you to reactive the game using the Launcher.
*Activation remain yours if you reinstall windows, just need to do the steps with Activator again.
*If you need to change CPU, HDD, Motherboard you need to contact the Seller before doing this, otherwise the activation will be lost.
*Changing the account EMail/Pass is strictly prohibited, doing this will cancel the activation.
*You can play from your XBOX account only.
*all achievements in the game are stored only on your Xbox live account.
*You can receive all game updates.
*game mode for two on the same screen(split screen) will not work.
*activation of the game only on PC with Windows 10. (NO XBOX ONE)
*The network mode is currently working, but if Microsoft blocks this feature over time, then no claims will be accepted.

• Languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, Deutsche, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian. The game does not have a regional lockout.
• Requires Windows 10 build version, latest updated.

1. Enable Windows update service (if disabled).
2. Sign out of your Microsoft Store account.
3. Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements.
4. Make sure you have the Xbox app installed. Sign in to your Xbox account or create a new one.

1. Run the activator and enter the ID, given to you in the purchase. Microsoft Store will start automatically.
2. In Microsoft Store click “Sign in” (if your account is active, then first exit it) and select "Use a different account" from the list. The account activation process will start, wait for it to complete. After the activation is complete, download the game.

Before starting the game do not forget to log in to your personal account in the Xbox application. (It´s in your personal, NOT the one that you were given to you in purchase)

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