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MS Store Activation

Follow Steps:

1. Log in to your personal account in the Xbox app. If the application is not installed on the PC, install it from the Microsoft Store. If you don’t have a personal account yet, create a new one. Close the Xbox app.

2. Launch the activator (Download). Together with it, the Microsoft Store will open.

Unpack the activator to your desktop or to a separate folder. If the activator does not start, disable the antivirus during activation.

3. Be sure to sign out of your Microsoft Store account.

4. Click on the icon of the new account, and click on the link Sign in.

DO NOT ADD A WORKING OR SCHOOL ACCOUNT! Otherwise, activation will fail.

5. In the “Sign in” window, select “Use a different account” -> “Microsoft Account” and click “Continue”.
6. You will see “Sign In” OR “Add a Microsoft Account to Microsoft Store” window depending on the version of Microsoft Store on your PC.
7. Enter the purchased activation key into the activator and press the button “1. Check the activation key”.
8. Next, in the activator, press the button “2. Enter the MS Store login and password”.
9. Wait for the activator to enter the username and password.
10. After the activator enters an additional e-mail, will begin a countdown. Wait for the activator to receive and enter the Microsoft security code.
Do not use the mouse and keyboard while counting down. This may prevent you from entering the security code and you will have to start the activation procedure from the beginning.
If the security code is not received, carefully read steps 1-3.
11. As soon as the security code is entered, you are logged in under our Microsoft account and you can download the purchased game and the DLC if any.
The activator can be closed.
Attention!!! From November 2021, games can only be downloaded through the XBOX app
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