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EA APP Offline Activation

Follow Steps:

This guide will help you keep your account running. Even if the password on the account you purchased is changed, you can still play offline.

1. Disable Windows Updates. If you have Windows 10/11, disable updates using this instruction – Here (Option 3)

2. Download EA app (if not installed) and install it.

3. Download and run the activator EAActivator.exe

4. Enter the activation code received after purchase and press the button “Check activation key”


5. Press the button “Network mode” and wait until the activator automatically logs into your account.

6. Go to the “Collection” tab and download the game you are interested in.

7. After waiting for the game to finish loading, launch it. After entering the main menu of the game, we need to immediately exit it.

You will adjust the control and graphics settings later after the instructions are complete.

8. Close EA APP (just close, do not log out of your account).

9. For subsequent launches of the game, start the activator and press the button “Offline mode”.

The account with the game will be launched automatically in offline mode. Re-entering the activation key is not required.

P.S. Activation breaks:

– when changing/updating Windows. If Windows is updating, uninstall the latest updates through “View update history”.

– when switching to online mode.

– when changing any PC components.

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