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XBOX Game Pass

XBOX Game Pass [Online]


Sandip Biswas

XBOX Game Pass

-Product Details-

Duration – 1 YEAR+

**1. – Some of the games on the account may not work; we are not responsible for this. A short list of games that will definitely not work: Minecraft: Dungeon, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves,  EA Play games, Riot Games, Ubisoft+ games, and Sniper Elite 5, Starfield.

2. – The xCloud service is NOT working**


1) Update Windows 10/11 to the latest release version.

2) Enable Windows Update Service (if turned off). The item is binding.

3) Log out of your Microsoft Store account and make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game.

Also, make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Store (Microsoft Store).

4) Make sure the Companion app for the Xbox is installed.

5) Log in to your Xbox live account in the Companion app of the Xbox console or create a new account if you do not have your account

6) Buy

7) Follow the instructions for entering the Microsoft Store account (issued after the purchase)

8) After entering the account, look for the games you are interested in in the Microsoft Store application and put it on download.

If you need help adding an account, write to us.

Important information:

– After reinstalling Windows and deleting the account from the Microsoft Store, you can log in again following the instructions.

– Changing the password and any account data is strictly prohibited.

– It is allowed to play only from your Xbox live account (The account received upon purchase cannot be used in the Companion app of the Xbox console).

– you can configure your own nickname in the settings of the Companion app of the Xbox console.

– All achievements in the game are stored only on your Xbox live account.

– automatic game updates.

– Activation of the game only on PCs running Windows 10/11.

– We do not activate on Xbox One.

– we do not give out activation codes for the game, the game is activated by entering our account.

– Login to the account is possible only through the application. (If you do not agree with this, do not buy this product).

– when changing the CPU or motherboard, write in advance to the administrator to transfer access to your account on another PC.

– Access to the account is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase of the goods.

– Xbox Game Pass subscription renews automatically.

– The account can only be used on one PC. If you want to use it on multiple PCs, then you need to buy the product again.

– By purchasing this product, you automatically agree to the terms of use of this product.

Online works and is guaranteed at the time of purchase. If Microsoft later blocks this feature, claims will not be accepted.*

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