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DEATHLOOP Deluxe Edition Offline Activation [PC Only] [STEAM] [Windows 10 / 11]

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Rs. 350.00
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Rs. 350.00

- Pros -
✅ You can activate your offline account on your PC at any time of the day or night without our participation.
✅ After purchase, you get the opportunity to complete the game without the risk of losing game progress.
✅ Our account with the game has no regional restrictions.
✅ There are no time limits on the passage of the game.
✅ Does not interfere with your main Steam account, and you can play your games from your account.

- Cons -

- Any network functions of the game in this mode are not available.
- You cannot update the game yourself.
- Activation crashes when reinstalling/updating Windows, replacing game files, uninstalling the game, changing computer components.


- Instructions -

- Download Steam (if it is not installed).
- Disable Windows updates.
- Login to your account will be through the Activator.
- Due to the technical features of the software, it is possible that some antiviruses mistakenly identify the Activator as malware. By purchasing the product, you agree to ensure the operability of the Activator by adding a file to the exceptions in any of the conflicting SOFTWARE or disabling it at the time of activation.
I will issue detailed instructions for setting up Steam in offline mode after the purchase of the product.


- Caution -

- Account for use only in offline mode.
- Transfer of account data is prohibited.
- Any modification of account data is strictly prohibited.
- One activation - 1 PC.
- You need to activate the game within 24 hours of purchase.
- Activation is not possible for the game through PlayKey and other similar services.
Activation stops when changing/updating Windows, as well as when switching to online mode. Change any PC components leads to the activation of the failure. An attempt to update the game yourself (transfer Uplay to online mode) also leads to an activation failure.