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Setting up the Ubisoft Connect Offline mode

This Ubisoft Connect offline-mode setup guide will help you keep account working properly. Even if the password is changed on the account you purchased, you will still be able to play offline.

  1. Download Ubisoft Connect (if not installed)
  2. Disable Windows Updates. If you have Windows 10 disable updates using this instructions  
  3. Download the file to any place convenient for you Activator.exe (
  4. Launching it ACtivator_Ubisoft.exe, enter the received activation key and click the “Check activation key” button.
  5. Click the “Network Mode” button and wait for the activator to log in to the purchased Ubisoft Connect account.
  6. Click the “Download” button and download the game. Be sure to wait until the game is FULLY loaded.
  7. Start the game and immediately exit it after loading the game menu (if there are problems with launching, check the game files for integrity). If the game requires updates, install them. The game won’t start without the latest updates.
  8. Go to the Ubisoft Connect settings and disable cloud saves and launch Ubisoft Connect when loading Windows as shown in the screenshot.

  1. Close Ubisoft Connect as shown in the screenshot.

For subsequent launches of the game, use the “Offline Mode” button in the activator.
For the game to work correctly, you will need to briefly disconnect the Internet connection for about 2 minutes. Nothing is required of you. The Internet is turned off automatically before logging in to your account and turned on after successful login.

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