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Setting up Ubisoft Connect Offline Mode for Assassin’s Creed Mirage

This Ubisoft Connect offline-mode setup guide will help you keep account working properly. Even if the password is changed on the account you purchased, you will still be able to play offline.

  1. Download Ubisoft Connect (if not installed)
  2. Disable Windows Updates. If you have Windows 10 disable updates using this instructions
  3. Downloading the game [torrent] (It is not advisable to download the game through the purchased account, you will be constantly kicked out of your account).
    You can now download the game directly from the seller’s account after logging in to the account (skip this point).
  4. Open the root of the folder Ubisoft Game Launcher and copy the files UplayActivator.exe, ACM_Offline.exe, Uplay Online.exe and Uplay Backup ACM.bat (The link to the files will be issued after the purchase of the product).
    – the default location for the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher”. It may differ for you.

  5. Run UplayActivator.exe and enter the received activation code.

  6. Press “Enter username and password” and wait until the activator enters account data in the Ubisoft Connect client.
  7. Click on the logo with the game. Under the button “Download” press “Locate installed game” and indicate the previously downloaded folder with the game.
    Click the “Download” button and download the game directly from the purchased account.

  8. After loading the game files, launch Assassin’s Creed Mirage and immediately exit it after loading the game menu (In case of problems with launch, check the game files).
    If the game requires you to install updates, install. The game will not start without the latest updates.
  9. Go to the settings Ubisoft Connect / Network and put a tick in front of the item “Do not send send crash reports” as in the screenshot.

  10. Press “Go offline” as shown in the screenshot

  11. Launch Uplay Backup ACM.bat (The file will automatically make a copy of the offline client settings).
    This step is required! If on further runs ACM_Offline.exe account authorization fails, so you did not complete this item or completed it in the wrong sequence.
  12. All subsequent launches of the game are strictly via the file ACM_Offline.exe (For convenience, you can make a shortcut on the desktop).
    If you have your own Ubisoft Connect account, you can log in to it via a file Uplay_online.exe
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