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Spiderman Activation

Follow Steps:

This instruction will help to keep your account working. Even if the password you purchased on your account has been changed, you can still play offline.

1. Disable Windows updates. If you have Windows 10, disable updates by following this >instructions<

2. Download Steam (if not yet installed)

If already installed, then install another Steam client in a separate folder. Let’s call it “Steam Offline”.

3. Copy the userdata folder to the root of the Steam Offline folder. Userdata for –

Spider Man Remastered- Here

For Miles Morales – Here

4. Download the file SteamActivator.exe and run it. Enter the activation code received after purchase.

5. Run the file Steam.exe from the root of the folder Steam Offline. Enter the account login you received after the purchase.

6. Enter the password from the account Steam and click “LOGIN”.

7. Click “Next”

8. Steam should request the code Steam Guard. To get the code go to the application SteamActivator.exe and press the button “Get the code Steam Guard”.

IMPORTANT !!!! First you need to request the code Steam Guard through Steam and only then through the activator, otherwise the code will not come.

9.  After successful authorization in our Steam account, go to the “LIBRARY” tab, find the game you are interested in and put it on download.

10. Wait for the end of the game download, then run it . After entering the main menu of the game, we need to immediately exit from game. We will adjust the control and graphics settings later, after all this manual have been completed.

ATTENTION !!! It is forbidden to be online for more than 5 minutes.

11. Run OfflinePatch.exe from the root of the Steam Offline folder. Upon successful launch, Steam should automatically close and go to offline mode.

12. Run the file SteamOffline.exe. If Steam starts in offline mode, then you did everything right. (If for some reason Steam has not switched to offline mode, then you need to do it manually as shown in the screenshot below).

13. Activation completed. All subsequent launches of the game must be done strictly through the file SteamOffline.exe. For convenience, you can make a shortcut on the desktop.

ATTENTION !!! SteamOffline.exe launches Steam in offline mode, not the game. The game must be run directly from the Steam library.

ATTENTION!!! If you attempt to access the Steam library via Family Library Sharing, you will be automatically banned and refused further service.

P.S. Activation will break:

– when you reinstall / update Windows. In the case of Windows update, delete the latest updates through the “View update log”.

– when switching Steam to online mode.

– when you change any PC components.

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