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Activation (-DEN)

Follow Steps:

  1. Download Steam (if not installed)
    If installed, then install another Steam client in a separate folder. Let’s call it Steam Offline.

    NECESSARILY copy the userdata folder to the root of the Steam Offline folder. Download Folder
    This is necessary to disable Cloud saves and Remote Play.
  2. Enter the username and password of the received account and click the “Sing in” button.

  3. Steam should request code Steam Guard. To get the code follow the link
    Insert the activation key received after purchase and click the button “Get Steam Guard”.

    IMPORTANT!!!! First of all, you need to request the code Steam Guard through Steam and only then through the activator, otherwise the code will not come.
  4. After successful authorization in the Steam account, go to the “LIBRARY” tab, find the game you are interested in in the list and put it on download.
  5. After waiting for the game to finish loading, launch it.
  6. Right-click on the game in the Steam library and open “Properties” on the “GENERAL” tab. Make sure that cloud saves are turned off.

  7. Close the game and go to offline mode. ATTENTION!!! It is forbidden to be online for more than 5 minutes (running game mode).

  8. If in the upper left menu there is an item “Go Online…” or there is an inscription “OFFLINE MODE”, then you did everything right.
    Activation completed. All subsequent launches of the game in offline mode (If you need to update the game, go online, update, return offline).

    IMPORTANT!!! Read this manual to the end, it contains the most common problems that you may have.⬇⬇⬇
    – If you get a message when you log into account “Your account is currently being used on another computer” you need to close Steam, wait a few minutes and re-enter your account.

    – You may also be periodically kicked out of your account and write that “Your account data is out of date” to solve this problem, you need to restart Steam and enter your account password again. If you get kicked out while downloading the game, then you can leave Steam as it is until the game is fully loaded. Once fully loaded, restart Steam.

    – If after a while your authorization fails, use the activator again to get a new Steam Guard code.
    P.S. Activation breaks down:
    – when changing PC components (motherboard, processor).
    If you have any problems, write to the seller on the trading platform.
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