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Troubleshooting Hot Wheels DLC launch issue in Forza Horizon 5

Follow Steps:

1. Sign out of current account in the Microsoft Store app
2. Enter the below data of DLC Kit Account

Email – 
[email protected]
Pass – 
If password does not work, contact Manager.

3. Open the Xbox app, go to settings and log into account with the dlc here, as shown in the screenshot below.

After logging in, the Store account will change to an account with dlc

4. Follow the link and log in to the same account through a browser.

5. Delete one of the devices, as shown in the screenshots below, and make sure that after refreshing the page, the number of devices is less than 10. It is desirable to remove devices from the end of the list, it is more efficient.
– Do not delete devices unless you are signed in to forzahorizondlc_** in the Microsoft Store app (take login and password from point 2) 
– No need to delete all devices. It is enough to delete just one of 10. 
7. Launch the game and check if the dlc works. 
8. Be sure to pass two demonstration races.
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