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Activation Ultimate

Follow Steps:

Before proceeding with activation. Make sure that you have a registered account in the Microsoft Store and it is on your PC in the administrators.

 After logging in, you have 1 minute to install the game, other way, DLC won’t work 

1. Go to the Microsoft Store application, not in the browser, but in the store on the PC 

2. In the Microsoft Store at the top-right will be a little man click on it 

3. You must first log out of your profile in the Microsoft Store, IT IS MANDATORY, select your profile and click log out If you have not been logged into your profile, then skip this item. 

4. Once again, click on the little man on the right, he will already be with + and click “Login” 

5. Enter the data of the account and login.

 6. If asked for a PIN at login, this is the PIN of your PC. Enter it. 
7. Download game, if you have some bugs, most solutions are lower in guide.
8. After that, go to the Xbox Сonsole Companion application (Xbox Live) to YOUR account, if you don’t have one, then register, you must play from YOUR account , important. 
9. As you download the game, it will appear on Xbox Live in the “My Games” tab, and the game will start to run. The game can run for a long time) Do not close .
10. Any data on the account CAN NOT be changed. If you try, you will lose access.

Bugs – 

 When you have an error loading the game, for example, just click the “Details” button, where its code will be indicated. We copy it and go to Google to look for them)

But the easiest solution is to reinstall Windows

  1. Check your account

    Re enter Microsoft store account with new data in document

  2. Your account has been locked

    Enter Microsoft website, click next and add your number there.

  3. If Microsoft Store tells you Download from Xbox

    Open Xbox app, log in to your account Xbox Live, open settings, click “Change Microsoft Store account” and re login to the account you bought (even if you already logged into it)

  4. loading error

First of all, we press the button “Details”. You will see a window, most likely there will be an error due to the fact that more than 10 devices are linked to the account, and there will be 2 buttons: cancel, and delete the device. We click “Remove device” and remove any devices from the list until there are less than 10.

Don’t be afraid that you might harm another player! This action does not delete the device, but only unlinks it from the account until the time of logging into it!

All others google

If you don’t want to solve it try just downloading standard edition of game, not ultimate

  1. DLCs are not working
    You must have downloaded game in 1st minute after entrance.
    Try to redownload DLCs if it doesn’t help – wait or do guide again carefully with game reinstallation.

  2. The game crashes. At the entrance, or after playing + – 15 minutes

The solutions are different. Google them too, but mostly disabling the Windows brandmauer helps

        Solving the problem of closing the game Forza Horizon 4 every + – 15 min

The problem can be solved by terminating the explorer.exe process. Completing this process will close the desktop and will not display when new programs are opened. How to close a process:

Way 1:

    1. Run Game

    2. Open task manager (Ctrl+Shft+Esc/ Ctrl+Shft+Del).

    3. Stretch game window as much as you need (won’t be able to do it after).

    4. In processes find explorer.exe and close it.

    5. Open game and play. Game will always be in window mode.

    6. When you want to close game, Enter task manager –> file -> Run New Task and enter in the filed: explorer.exe

    7. Close Game.

    8. Or you can just reboot PC


Way 2:

    1. Create txt file.

    2. Write next commands tehre:

timeout /t 60

taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F

    3. Save File, and after change it’s format from .txt to .bat (just change the word in the file name, if you don’t see file format, google how to see it).

    4. After we run the file we created and game.

    5. After 60 seconds process explorer.exe will automatically close, but game will work in full screen mode and wont crash.

    6. If you want to close game, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choose “Exit”, so that we reboot system (not PC), with that game will close and explorer.exe will appear

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